Nidalee Guide UPDATED (8.6) Learn how to control the whole map.

Hi! In this guide you will learn basic and advanced tips and tricks to Nidalee by one of the best Nidalee players in North America. This guide contains: Runes & Masteries  (with explanation), Builds, Ganking, Jungle Pathing Match-ups

KASSADIN 7.10 patch (will keep updated) from top20 challenger

Dear reader , please let me introduce myself. My name is Do Min Joon , I am challenger since S4 till now always ending top 30 in EUW. In those years I have aquired considerable amount of knowledge about the game and in this guide , I am honored to teach you my kassadin.

LEARN EFFICIENTLY from EUW top 20 ranked coach.

1.INTRODUCTION 2.HOW TO BE EFFICIENT a) quality>quantity b) be selfish c) win or lose ,you shall improve d) watch pro player VODs and your own , be critical e) preparation before matches f) spot a plateau and break it g) play the metagame or at least understand how to counter it